My confused mind ramblings.

Life is a funny thing. We as humans adopt opinions and beliefs if the world, and everything in it. And for most people, regardless of what anyone else says this is what they will believe. Because people like to have opinions on everything, and we all like to think that what we believe is right. And because of that, we don’t tend to like when someone comes along and tells us we’re wrong.

And before this goes any further, don’t worry, this isn’t a post where I push my religious beliefs (or unfortunate lack thereof) on the world. This isn’t what’s going on.

As I said, we as people like to have our opinions on pretty much everything, even if we don’t share them. And an all too common human flaw, is that on a subconscious level, we are very quick to judge people. Just think about it, when you meet someone for the first time you make this conscious decision of what you think of them. But before that, in the first few seconds or minutes of meeting them you have made a subconscious decision whether or not you like them. And this is very hard to over write or change, and you cannot control it.

But recently, I’ve had that changed for me and I’m not going to lie, it was an almost distressing sensation. I’ve had a very strong opinion on this one person for more than two years now, and it wasn’t a positive one. And last night it was shown to me that I was wrong, and it took me by surprise because me being human thought I was right about this person. My entire opinion of her has been changed. And it’s actually difficult to comprehend the feeling, (the circumstances in which I learned of her true nature, and the understanding of why she did what she did to make me not like her were unveiled in a somewhat over whelming manner) but it got me thinking. 

Human nature is a funny thing. Even though I know I was wrong, there’s an urge deep within me to abondon this new knowledge and continue on the way I had been. There was no friction or nastiness between us, and it’s easier to not change after so long. But that’s not the way life works. We have to own up to our mistakes no matter what we may want or believe. And that’s just it. But what does that say about me as a person? What does it say about the people around me and even the world around me. Why is it so hard for most people to admit they’re wrong? Why is it so hard to sincerely say we’re sorry. Why is it easier for us to lash out instead of opening ourselves up. We all fear getting hurt, and we’re all afraid to die. Even if you think you’re not, at the end of the day, we don’t know what awaits us. Some people a hoping for some sort of heaven – a better place. Some people fear a sort of hell – be it a fiery pit or simply living their worst nightmares or fears. Others expect a reincarnation – another chance in another form. And then there are those of us who expect nothing. That when we die, we die and that’s the end. But no matter what your belief, no one knows. And not knowing, it tends to scare people.

This might not have been the most readable post, but it’s just something I’ve been thinking about. And I just wanted to get it off my chest. Because… People are difficult. And I don’t think I’ll ever understand them.


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