It’s the little things

I find when I examine myself, I find myself to be a strange person indeed when I take into account my personality, my likes/dislikes and to be honest my life in general.

Most girls my age here are more concerned with boys, make up and looking amazing on frequent nights out. Now I’m not saying they’re not also concerned with work or college, but from where I’m standing, a large population of girls my age are all about the drinking and sex and they think that’s great. And fair enough, but that’s just not me. 

It’s Saturday morning and I’m here still lying in bed, not cause I’m hungover from the night before, but because sometimes I just love a lazy Saturday morning. I’m lying in bed, cosy with a hot water bottle and my new book that I just started (Konrad Lorenz’s King Solomon’s Ring) and I couldn’t be happier. I’m actually dreading going out tonight because I’d much rather read for a while, get a few hours study in and then just go for dinner. But, I can’t. 

I know this probably seems like a rather pointless post, but this year I want to be about self reflection and I’m realising how different I am to the typical student I meet everyday. I’m an introvert and I love it. I’m not one for make up, I’m not long out of a long term relationship so I’m not even looking at guys and I’m not a big drinker. 

I’m different.

And I’m glad to be different.


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